Wisconsin & Nationwide EEOC Charge Data Released

Ever wondered how many charges Wisconsinites filed with the EEOC each year? Or what type of EEOC discrimination claim is most commonly filed?

The EEOC has released data on the amount and type of discrimination claims filled in Wisconsin over the past 3 years.

TOTAL CHARGES for Wisconsin11771049993
% of US total charges1.30%1.00%1.00%
% of US race charges1.10%1.00%1.10%
% of total state charges32.70%34.60%40.60%
% of US sex charges1.10%0.80%0.90%
% of total state charges25.70%21.00%26.00%
National Origin1277462
% of US National Origin charges1.10%0.70%0.50%
% of total state charges10.80%7.10%6.20%
% of US Religion charges0.80%0.80%0.70%
% of total state charges2.40%3.00%3.00%
% of US Color charges1.10%0.60%1.70%
% of total state charges2.60%1.70%4.80%
Retaliation (All)312305244
% of US Retaliation (All) charges0.90%0.80%0.70%
% of total state charges26.50%29.10%24.60%
Retaliation (Title VII)267253215
% of US Retaliation (Title VII) charges0.90%0.80%0.70%
% of total state charges22.70%24.10%21.70%
% of US Age charges1.30%1.00%1.00%
% of total state charges24.80%21.30%22.60%
% of US Disability charges1.50%1.30%1.30%
% of total state charges26.50%30.90%32.90%
Equal Pay Act11168
% of US EPA charges1.20%1.50%0.90%
% of total state charges0.90%1.50%0.80%
% of US GINA charges0.00%0.50%2.40%
% of total state charges0.00%0.10%0.60%

Number of Discrimination Claims – WI vs. Nation

You will also notice that Wisconsin only accounts for 1% of all EEOC charges filed nationally.

How does this compare to our neighbors you ask?

Michigan accounted for 2.7%

Illinois accounted for 6.1%,

Iowa accounted for 0.2%

Minnesota accounted for 1.2%

Most Common Discrimination Claim in Wisconsin

We were a little surprised that race discrimination was far and away the most popular EEOC claim type. We expected retaliation claims to be the winner based on the number of cases we’ve seen both personally and in our field.[cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”chart”]

Is this how you would’ve expected the type of discrimination claims filed in Wisconsin to be distributed? Leave a comment and let us know.

**Statistics taken from data published by the EEOC