No Background Check Authorization, No Background Check for You!

For Wisconsin employers, a common question is ‘what happens if the job applicant refuses to sign the background check authorization form?’

The obvious answer is, the employer cannot run a background check on the potential employee without a signed background check authorization form. However, as a job applicant, the consequence of denying a background check could mean the employer will reject you as a candidate for the job.

If you are an applicant, read the background check authorization notice carefully.  The employer might specify how refusing to sign the authorization can affect you. Even if the background check authorization doesn’t contain such a statement, keep in mind that refusing to sign it can be held against you.

If you are an employer, there is no requirement that explicitly state any possible consequences of not signing the authorization form to the applicant. However, if you do not consider an applicant for employment because they didn’t sign the form, make sure you are applying that consequence evenly and without consideration to any other factors.  

Have you ever considered not authorizing a background check? If you have, would you still do so now?  Let us know your thoughts!