Confidentiality Agreements & Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are a business’ most valuable assets and need proper protection. Losses from trade secret misappropriation total hundreds of millions of dollars each year and protection of trade secrets continues to grow increasingly more difficult due to employee mobility and advances in technology.

If your business depends on keeping certain information confidential or protecting limited knowledge of trade secrets, contact us. Our attorneys will work with your business to ensure that enforceable confidentiality agreements are in place and adequate trade secret protections are maintained to provide your business the greatest amount of security possible.

Similarly, if your business believes that a former employee has or is violating a confidentiality agreement or misappropriating trade secret information, contact us. We will efficiently analyze the situation, provide you with answers, discuss potential courses of actions and outcomes, and partner with your business to set a plan of action that meets your business’ goals.

Your Work Is Our Work

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