Wage & Hour

Wage & hour claims, lawsuits, and collective/class actions are on the rise and, with their increased visibility, will undoubtedly continue if not increase in popularity. The fact is that no matter your business’ good intentions, there are times when wage and hour violations may occur, whether that be the result of an unknowing misclassification of an employee or the installation of time-keeping software that unwittingly reduces an employee’s compensable time worked.
Once a knowing or unknowing violation has occurred, an attorney can truly only mitigate the effect; however, there are services that can better protect your company from a violation occurring in the first place. At Walcheske & Luzi, our attorneys offer the following services:

  • Wage and hour audits to ensure compliance
  • Representation in Wage & Hour claims and government audits
  • Drafting, reviewing, and updating of policies to achieve business goals
    within parameters of applicable wage & hour laws

If you are unsure if your wage and hour policies and practices are in compliance, if you want to ensure that your employees are properly classified, or if you find yourself facing a Department of Labor audit, claim or lawsuit for wages and hour violations, contact us.

Your Work Is Our Work

At Walcheske & Luzi, we are outcome – not income – driven. We will provide answers, not maybes. We will talk to you, not above you. We will partner with you to ensure that your goals and needs are met in an efficient manner. We have been characterized by many as a different kind of law firm, providing a certain type of personalized service, attention to detail, and honesty to its clients that other firms either can’t, don’t, or won’t provide.