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At Walcheske & Luzi, we work with both individuals and businesses to build better workplaces.  Our legal services span the entire spectrum of the employment relationship, ensuring positive outcomes for all of our clients because at Walcheske & Luzi, Your Work is Our Work.

We are employment law litigation specialists who have litigated thousands of cases. As a result, our attorneys possess a wealth of experience in the arbitration, administrative, state court, and federal court systems. Let us put our experience at your service.

Our firm has handled countless wage and hour matters, including nationwide class and collective actions. If you are an individual and are unsure if you are being paid correctly, or if you are an employer who is unsure if your wage and hour policies and practices are in compliance or have found yourself facing an audit, claim, or lawsuit, contact us today.

Many problems can be mitigated or avoided altogether with proper workplace training of management and staff. We partner to create training sessions and programs tailored to your priorities.

While non-compete agreements can be disfavored, that does not mean that they are inherently unenforceable or not necessary for the protection of a business. We create, modify, negotiate, and litigate non-compete agreements for our clients.

Employment law is an ever-changing area of the law. We help businesses make sure their handbooks and policies are up to date and stay that way.

Not sure what you can or should ask on your employment applications? We’ll partner with you to learn more about your business, your industry, and what you are seeking in a new hire to create or review your existing employment application.

We will partner with you to learn more about your business and the position(s) at issue. Based on your priorities, we will create or modify your job descriptions that benefit and protect your business

Contracts should work to the benefit of all parties. Based on your priorities, we can create or modify your employment contracts to protect your best interests.

Severance agreements should respectfully transition separated employees, but also protect your business. We can create, modify, and negotiate severance agreements to the satisfaction of all parties.

Your business is your business. Our attorneys will work to ensure that enforceable confidentiality agreements are in place and trade secret protections are maintained to provide the greatest amount of security.

While the continually changing legal landscape of employment law certainly keeps us busy, it also means that what was “okay” yesterday may no longer be appropriate today.

We will partner with you to thoroughly analyze your business’ processes, systems, and structures to find and provide suggested solutions for any weaknesses identified in your business or prospective acquisition.

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