Wisconsin Marital Status Discrimination Attorneys

What is Marital Status Discrimination?

An employer also may not refuse insurance coverage to employees who are covered under their spouse’s insurance. There are, however, a few notable exceptions to marital status discrimination in the workplace.

What is Not Marital Status Discrimination?

  • Providing more extensive health insurance to married employees as opposed to single employees
  • Failing to offer dependent health insurance coverage to the unmarried partners of homosexual state employees
  • Prohibiting an employee from directly supervising or being directly supervised by his or her spouse
  • Discriminating on the basis or because of the specific identity, characteristics, or actions of an employee’s spouse
  • Terminating an employee because of his or her conduct, rather than the employee’s status as a married individual
  • Demanding that an employee place work before his or her personal life
  • Maintaining a company policy that prohibits employees from dating, living, or maintaining a romantic association if the policy applies equally to all employees, regardless of marital status, and attempts to regulate conduct rather than the status of being married or single

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