Walcheske & Luzi Year in Review

Instead of doing our usual, ridiculously entertaining and informative blog post, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the year that was.  And what a year it was, indeed.

It’s hard for us to believe, but one year ago today our firm did not exist.  We were Associates at a firm who had occasionally talked about one day having our own firm.  Now, 1 year and almost 100 clients later, we like to think we made the right decision.

In March of this year, we took a leap of faith and began putting into place what would become Walcheske & Luzi, LLC.  We thank our significant others for being patient with us during our firm’s infant stage, as we spent countless, penniless hours creating the foundation of the firm.

On May 1, we officially opened our doors after what felt like a lifetime, even though it had only been about two months.

In the approximately 8 months between May 1 and today, we have been lucky enough to successfully represent almost 100 clients, establish rewarding relationships with other firms and practitioners, and quickly receive recognition from our peers.

Thank you to our families, our peers, our clients, all of the attorneys who have trusted us with their referrals, and everyone else who has help support us this past year.  We would like to especially thank The Scan Group, Inc. for working with us to bring our ideas to life and for creating our fantastic website.

We started 2012 believing we could create a firm that would not simply survive, but thrive.  At the close of 2012, we are blessed to be able to say “mission accomplished.”

Thanks again to everyone and now on to an even bigger and better 2013!

Happy New Year, Everyone!