FMLA Questions? Check Out This FMLA Guide

“Dad, what’s the FMLA?”

“Well Johnny, someday when you’re older, you may need to take off of work time to time for medical reasons.  That’s where the FMLA can help you.”

“How will I know how to use the FMLA?”

“Well, a government agency, called the Department of Labor, or DOL, made an FMLA guide available for everyone to explain just that.”

“Wow, this guide is amazing and so simple to read!  How come more people don’t know about this?”

“I’m sure they’re all just too busy.”

“Have you ever needed FMLA?”

“Why don’t you worry about yourself, Johnny.”

And scene.

With that, we remind you to take a look at the DOL’s FMLA guide, “Need Time?”  It really is a fantastic resource and it can answer a lot of individuals’ most basic FMLA questions.