Don’t Bieber Your Deposition

Depositions are bound to occur in any litigation.  The idea behind a deposition is that it’s an attorney’s shot to sit down with a party or witness and essentially ask whatever they want.  The rules of relevance and other limitations generally go out the window and the central rule is that the deponent has to answer the question that has been asked.

Because depositions can cover such a wide variety of topics and are generally for the purpose of in-depth information gathering, attorneys take their time before and during the deposition to ensure that all matters are covered.  For the person being deposed (the deponent), being deposed often involves thorough preparation in advance of the deposition, such as reviewing the pleadings and documents in the case, engaging in a mock deposition with his/her attorney, and things of that nature.

While there have been many books, articles, and other publications regarding the importance of depositions, how to take them, and how to prepare clients for them, if you are having your deposition taken, perhaps the greatest piece of advice we can offer is this: don’t Bieber it.

Take a look for yourself: